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SBCC represented well in RDCA Girls Rep Cricket

Round 1

Won by 27 runs against Box Hill Reporter.

A game where all the girls were learning positions and how to gel together.


Miah made 30

Angelika 27


Chanuki 4/18 off 4.5 overs

Lily E 2/17 off 3 overs

Janlyn 2/22 off 3 overs

Round 2

Lost by 17 to ISEC with a great teamwork game.


Lily E & Janlyn both topped scored with 21 runs and Chanuki making 18 off the bat. Both Lily E and Chanuki batted out there 60 balls.


Janlyn took 3/12 off 5 overs

Grace 2/7 off 5 overs.

Round 3

Saw the girls struggle with the bat against N/W Metro making 71 in total.

Even though the girl's lost they still held their heads up high and kept smiling, especially for development girl Dakota who not once lost the smile from her face the entire tournament.


Lily E topped scored with 17 for the team while 1 of our developing players Lillie G made 9.


Lucy S took 3/2 off 2.

Round 4

Saw us take on Eastern CA with a huge run chase of 174 for the girls. They may not have won but boy did they get close making 142.


Lead by captain Angelika with 45 off 71 balls not out and Melanie making 18 off the bat.


Miah got 2/15 off 5 overs with Janlyn, Chanuki, Stella and Mikaela all taking 1 wicket. All girls were so supportive of each other.

Round 5

Off to Diamond Valley, we all headed to see the girls have to chase down another big score of 184. They tried so hard but fell 44 runs short.

This was a game even though it was scorching hot and not much shade( well none really) was where we really saw all the girls working so well together and encouragement and laughter were at a high.


Miah topped scored with 28 off 72 balls.


Chanuki took 2/16 off 5 overs.

Round 6

Even though tiredness has set in for the girls (and the adults too) this was to be the biggest run chase of 242 against the Western Region.

The girls all played their best game all tournament never letting the run chase deter them. They continued to smile and encourage one another and gave it their all.

They batted out the 40 overs and made 3/151.

This game was a real team effort.

Thanks to coach No1 Mark who made it back out of isolation for the last game, coach No 2 Richard who missed the last 2 games because went into iso and coach No 3 Chris who stepped in when needed.

The squad

  • Angelika ( Captain)

  • Lily E ( Vice-Captain)

  • Stella

  • Miah

  • Lucy

  • Janlyn

  • Chanuki

  • Melanie

  • Melissa

  • Grace

  • Alexis

  • Mikaela

Development players (who made major improvements over the carnival and kept all the spirits up of the girls)

  • Dakota

  • Lillie

  • Isabelle

Also well done to Jas who made her debut with the Outer Eastern Eagles. See the photo below of Jas in action.

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